Fanny Packs Are a Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Fanny packs have been around since the 1950s when they were first introduced as a handy item for the casual traveller or skier. Luxury labels like Gucci and Lululemon, as well as athleisure labels, now offer updated takes on the classic fanny pack. What started as a handy gadget for visitors has evolved over the years to become a wardrobe staple. The fanny pack has seen changes in both its style of wear and the number of brands that have adopted it. The fanny pack is typically worn around the waist in place of a belt to achieve the stereotypical “tourist” image. These days, fanny packs are also worn diagonally over the chest, much like a shoulder bag. The fanny pack has been a popular accessory for decades, and its versatility has made it stand out among other types of handbags.

Where the Fanny Pack First Became Popular

A fanny pack was found next to the body of a man frozen in ice, dating back to between 3350 and 3105 B.C. American slang meaning “backside,” from which the name “fanny pack” derives, describes where the bag was originally worn. The original title for the fanny pack was “bum bag”; the Americanized version is “fanny.” Since the fanny pack was originally designed as a fashion accessory for vacationers, carrying it on the back makes the wearer an easy target for theft. The fanny pack underwent a style change when it was flipped over to the front, and the change stayed.

In the 1950s, the fanny pack proved handy for European skiers as a way to carry gear on the mountain. Some sources attribute the invention of the fanny pack to Australian widower Melba Stone in 1962. One of the first companies to produce a “day bag” or “fanny pack” was called Voit. The fanny pack was first seen in the early 1900s, and while it was noticed in other parts of the world, it didn’t gain widespread popularity until the late 1900s. Travellers adopted the fanny as their practical tool, and it quickly became an iconic accessory of the ’80s and ’90s.

The basic fanny pack was most popular in the 1990s because it was convenient for partygoers to carry their belongings. Fanny packs have evolved from a practical necessity to a trendy accessory, and this shift must be recognised. Fanny packs were popular because they provided a convenient place to keep small items while on the go. The fanny pack was more convenient than a backpack because of its compact size and light load. These days, fanny packs are a fashion statement that can be purchased from high-end labels. Nowadays, a fanny pack is a stylish accessory rather than an eyesore (as was once the case).

Belt Bag from Lululemon for Every Occasion

In the late 2010s, fanny packs became popular again, this time being adopted by mainstream companies like the sportswear label Lululemon. Lululemon’s rebranded fanny pack, now called the “Everywhere Belt Bag,” has become an international phenomenon in the past year, making it nearly impossible to track down in stores or online. Black and white pieces were especially hard to get because fashion bloggers on Instagram and TikTok had started marketing them as wardrobe staples.

The Everywhere Belt Bag is available in sizes ranging from Mini to XL and a wide variety of colours, including the bold Solar Orange and the understated Grey Sage. Lululemon is an athleisure label that competes with premium labels. They have written, “Phone, keys, wallet” on the outside of their belt bag. This multifunctional belt bag will keep your belongings close as you head out the door.

The mesh on each belt bag is polyester, the main body is recycled nylon, and the interior is also polyester that has been recycled. Each tote is crafted from a material that is resistant to water, making it an attractive option for individuals in search of a practical bag for everyday use.

Gucci GG Belt Bag with Buckle

The GG embossed belt bag by Gucci is an example of the trickle-up impact in the fashion industry, which began with the relaxed, athletic style of Lululemon clothing. The trickle-up effect states that commonplace objects worn by the lower and working classes eventually make their way into high fashion. What was once a practical item worn by travellers is now sold by high-end designers like Gucci.

The Gucci handbag comes in three sizes and three colorways. This leather accessory features brown, green, and orange hues. Bags with the Gucci belt back shape are described as “multifunctional” and “can be worn as a cross-body as well” on the company’s website. The characteristic GG motif, first introduced as part of the House’s regulations in the 1930s, has continued to inspire creative new directions for nearly a century.

Dover Ace Dagne Fanny Pack

You may think of the Ace as a cross between a Lululemon fanny pack and a Gucci belt bag. The Dagne Dover bag is a versatile tote with plenty of room and a chic design thanks to its neoprene outside and recycled Repreve liningĀ®. The bag’s clean exterior and understated style make it a versatile accessory.

There are six distinct neutral tones available for the Ace fanny pack. The bag is also available in a variety of seasonal colours, the most recent of which is “Dusk Violet.” “Whether you’re an avid explorer or just like to keep things hands-free on the regs, The Ace Fanny Pack is your perfect companion,” it says on the website. This water-resistant neoprene belt bag can be worn high or low, depending on your preference.

Wearing of Waist Packs

Fanny packs were popularised by travellers, skiers, and ravegoers. Today, as in the past, this item is seen as a more practical alternative to a standard handbag. Nowadays, a fanny pack is a fashion statement in and of itself. Before the current decade, fanny packs were rarely considered fashionable and were instead perceived as merely functional. The fanny pack has become a popular accessory thanks to the efforts of major fashion houses to popularise it. Nowadays, a crossbody bag is a chic accessory, but the fanny pack was a sign of ridicule in the ’80s.

Concertgoers with fanny packs, shoppers, and strolling persons are all visible. The fanny pack is a steadfast member of the accessory family, whether worn across the body or as the conventional waistband.

Fanny Packs Are Here to Stay

The fanny pack has come and gone as a trendy accessory many times, but it keeps coming back thanks to companies like Lululemon and Gucci. This article covered the origins of the fanny pack, popular fanny pack brands, and several ways in which these bags are used. Fanny packs, whether slung over the shoulder or worn as a belt accessory, are here to stay.